Обложка книги Knowledge Management: Learning from Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge Management: Learning from Knowledge Engineering

ISBN: 0849310245;
Издательство: CRC Press

Knowledge Management (KM) is strongly rooted in the discipline of Knowledge Engineering (KE), which in turn grew partly out of the artificial intelligence field. Despite their close relationship, however, many KM specialists have failed to fully recognize the synergy or acknowledge the power that KE methodologies, techniques, and tools hold for enhancing the state of the art in Knowledge Management.Knowledge Management: Learning from Knowledge Engineering addresses this vacuum. It gives concise, practical information and insights drawn from the author's many years of experience in the fields of expert systems and Knowledge Management. Based upon research, analyses, and illustrative case studies, this is the first book to integrate the theory and practiceof artificial intelligence and expert systems with the current organizational and strategic aspects of Knowledge Management.The time has come for Knowledge Management professionals to appreciate the synergy between their work and the...