Обложка книги Managing Microcomputer Technology As an Organizational Resource

Managing Microcomputer Technology As an Organizational Resource


ISBN: 1878289071;
Издательство: Ideals Publications

Organizations now recognize microcomputer technology resources as a major asset that can change the overall posture of the firm. With this widespread acceptance of microcomputers as an organizational resource, managers must focus attention on the issues that have the potential to affect the way a company functions, competes, and grows. This book examines the important issues surrounding microcomputer technology resources and how these changes directly affect the management of an organization.Managers will better understand how to deal with such issues as: training needs, software evaluation, data integrity and security, and disaster preparedness. Khosrowpour and Amoroso provide a valuable source book about microcomputer technology whichwill greatly help managers appreciate the important role of this organizational resource.