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Ifip Tc8 Wg8.2 International Working Conference on New Information Tec, Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Lucas D. Introna, Michael D. Myers, Janice I. Degross

New Information Technologies in Organizational Processes Mbk: Field Studies and Theoretical Reflections on the Future of Work :Ifip ... l Federation for Information Processing, 20.)

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ISBN: 0792385780
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
A number of relatively new technologies, such as Enterprise Resource Planning systems, the Internet and intranets, have entered the organizational landscape. These technologies have not only enabled a wide range of social and organizational transformations, but have also challenged much of the received wisdom that operates in academic and industrial discourses. This book attempts to capture some of these strands by discussing the social and organizational issues surrounding the implementation and use of these new technologies in organizational processes. Some of the contributions are critical and reflexive by nature, while others offer rich insights through the analysis of cases. The book represents a wide scope of traditions of thought, as well as research approaches, in addressing these emerging issues. A number of practical and theoretical topics are discussed in detail, including: + Implementation of ERP; + Electronic commerce; + Intranet implementation; + The...
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