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Terry White

Reinventing the IT Department (Computer Weekly Professional (Hardcover))

Обложка книги Reinventing the IT Department (Computer Weekly Professional (Hardcover))

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ISBN: 0750648627, 9780750648622
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 368
'Reinventing the Information Technology Department' is both anecdotal and informal but deals with a subject which is of vital interest to Chief Information Officers and IT Managers, addressing questions such as: * How does the IT department keep pace with business change? * How do we provide stable and responsive IT platforms? * How do we add recognised value to the organisation? * How do I reinvent my department? * How do I get onto the board? It offers an alternative viewof the new roles of the in-house IT function and proposes a rethink about IT services within companies, suggesting a self-help approach to redefining/reinventing in-house IT for CIOs. The author explains that new modes of business thinking and operation are essential if a company is to succeed in the near future and in light of this covers topics such as self-organising systems, knowledge management, multi-stakeholder perspectives, and empowerment initiatives in relation to the...