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Michael Erbschloe

Socially Responsible IT Management

Обложка книги Socially Responsible IT Management

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ISBN: 1555582907, 9781555582906
Издательство: Digital Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 362
Socially Responsible IT Management shows IT professionals how to overcome the social crisis that has resulted from the wide-spread use of information technology. By responsibly managing security threats, protecting individual privacy, reducing hazardous waste, and minimizing other negative effects on IT staff and computer users, as well as ordinary citizens around the world, IT professionals can benefit the society at large and reap rewards for their own organizations as well. Scandals at Enron, Andersen, Sotheby's and Christie's, Merrill Lynch, and Tyco are fueling a crisis of confidence in business. Regulators, voters, investors, customers, and employees are demanding that businesses be more socially responsible. Rhetoric is not enough, all organizations need to demonstrate that they are living up to social expectations. Erbschloe shows managers how to take charge of key aspects of their IT operations and follow a morally, ethically, and legally correct path to success. ...