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Mark Barrenechea

Software Rules: How the Next Generation of Enterprise Applications Will Increase Strategic Effectiveness

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ISBN: 0071385169
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
A top industry executive explains total software integration and how it holds the key to market leadership To achieve fast, agile, and diverse responsiveness to today's ever shifting business needs, executives need to successfully implement strategic decisions based more on reality rather than rhetoric. In Software Rules , Oracle senior executive Mark Barrenechea describes for business readers how, over the next few years, the total integration of software functions into "E-business suites," will radically transform the business landscape. An E-business suite is a set of applications, founded on a centralized database and integrated by desing, that optimizes the supply and demand chains together, enabling employees anywhere on the globe to access accurate and reliable business data that always reflects real information. Using case studies from BellSouth, Xerox, EMC, HP, Oracle, and other leading companies, he describes how E-business suites work to help...