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Leo Hindery, Leslie Cauley, Leo, Jr. Hindery

The Biggest Game of All : The Inside Strategies, Tactics, and Temperaments That Make Great Dealmakers Great

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ISBN: 0743229002
Издательство: Free Press
Do you make deals? Do you want to learn how the best dealmakers in the world do it? Everyone -- and certainly every business -- makes deals. Whether you are an automobile dealer negotiating to buy another, or Exxon merging with Mobil in a $76 billion transaction, the craft of dealmaking is everywhere. And like any craft, dealmaking has its apprentices, its journeymen...and its masters. Leo Hindery, Jr., is one of those masters of the negotiating table -- a man who has steered homemore than 240 business deals over the last twenty-five years, deals worth well in excess of $150 billion. In The Biggest Game of All, he brings readers inside the rooms where he has worked his wizardry, sometimes in partnership with, and sometimesagainst, the best dealmaking businessmen of our time, including General Electric's Jack Welch, Jerry Levin of AOL Time Warner, TCI's John Malone, George Steinbrenner, Barry Diller, and Rupert Murdoch. Through detailed narratives of...