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Lloyd Baird, John C. Henderson

The Knowledge Engine: How to Create Fast Cycles of Knowledge-to-Performance and Performance-to-Knowledge

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ISBN: 157675104X
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Pub
Creating and leveraging knowledge assets is the critical competitive capability today. Speed and knowledge have emerged as the keys to success. And knowledge embedded in products and business processes now drives what can be created and delivered to the customer. Performance and knowledge must become a continuous cycle. Knowledge is captured from performance that will improve the next round of performance. Performance to knowledge, knowledge to performance, and so on, forming a Knowledge Engine that feeds on itself. Rather than collecting and cataloging knowledge "just-in-case" someone needs it, Baird and Henderson explain that leaders must build a Knowledge Engine that focuses knowledge, acquires learning from experience and drives what is known quicklyback into performance "just-in-time." Built on five years of research and application in leading corporations, The Knowledge Engine explains the principles of building the capability to create and leverage knowledge assets and gives...
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