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Gerald Hoffman

The Technology Payoff: How to Profit With Empowered Workers in the Information Age

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ISBN: 0595199097
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
What every executive and manager should know about information technology Increased competition has compelled organizations to flatten hierarchies, redesign business processes, empower workers, and rely upon other forms of change to improve performance. Information technology, used strategically, can facilitate these inevitable changes by enabling improvements in flexibility, efficiency, and most important, profitability. The Technology Payoff explores the expanded needs and opportunities for information systems, showing how and why organizations should integrate technology into their business strategies. Gerald Hoffman goes beyond traditional, large scale information systems to introduce innovative approaches used within business environments of all sizes and disciplines. Free of technical jargon and complex explanations, this guide offers a well?rounded, uncluttered view of information technology, addressing its managerial, organizational,...
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