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Marko Nordquist

Towards Improved Security Management Practice: Designing an Organizational Model Procedure for the Implementation of Information Security Management in Heterogeneous Information Management

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ISBN: 158112161X
Издательство: Dissertation.Com.
Management attention is essential and extremely important to successful Security-Management Practice. This statement is the fundament to the thesis of Dr. Marko Nordquist. Growth of personal computing, Internet and even more complex enterprise infrastructures, and inter-company cooperation has not yet reached its peak . Although the prophets of the IT-branch are continuously affirming that the growth rate will decrease, there is not really a trend that is significant to justify these statements. Growth of the information technology branch automatically entails an accretion of security leaks, attacks and many other forms of vulnerabilities. This thesis hooks into these topics and offers the reader a precise instrument to set up, refine or check and balance security in its own environment. The thesis is not limited to corporate IT departments but also addresses private individuals to have a look to the wide field of security related topics and questions. The thesis is intended to be...
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