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Wireless Data for the Enterprise

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ISBN: 0071386378;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Professional

Everything you should know about "going wireless" A valuable reality check for the many claims about wireless, Wireless Data For The Enterprise sorts out myth from fact, truth from exaggeration. This guide by George Faigen, Boris Fridman, and Arielle Emmett shows you how your enterprise can extend its knowledge base to encompass mobile workers, customers and suppliers--and make money doing it. .This superb overview of what is currently possible with wireless data – as well as an eye-opening futuristic view of how wireless data will touch every aspect of our lives -- helps you select and implement wireless devices, gateways, and networks to link enterprise assets securely with people using varying mobile devices. You get detailed, step-by-step guidelines on researching and developing wireless pilots, and "blueprints" for selecting middleware and implementing security measures. Case studies of several early Fortune 500 wireless adopters vividly illustrate...