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Alan Chmura

Logical Data Modeling : What it is and How to do it (Integrated Series in Information Systems)

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ISBN: 0387229507
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionLogical Data Modeling offers business managers, analysts, and students a clear, basic systematic guide to defining business information structures in relational database terms. The approach, based on Clive Finkelstein’s business-side Information Engineering, is hands-on, practical, and explicit in terminology and reasoning. Filled with illustrations, examples, and exercises, Logical Data Modeling makes its subject accessible to readers with only a limited knowledge of database systems. The book covers all essential topics thoroughly but succinctly: entities, associations, attributes, keys and inheritance, valid and invalid structures, and normalization. It also emphasizes communication with business and database specialists, documentation, and the use of Visible Systems' Visible Advantage enterprise modeling tool. The application of design patterns to logical data modeling provides practitioners with a practical tool for fast development. At the end, a chapter...