Обложка книги Managing Information and Human Performance

Managing Information and Human Performance


ISBN: 0874257492;
Издательство: HRD PRESS, INC.

Book DescriptionKnowing what?s going on in your company isn?t just a requirement?it?s power How much do you really know about what?s going on in your workforce and organization? Good information is essential if managersare to manage well. Yet, too often, the right information does not get to the right place in the right form at the right time. That?s because information often is spread throughout the organization?and hidden from management This book will change all that. Learn how to establish a system that enables you to gather, process and make available internal information in your organization?quickly, easily and inexpensively. Making your "best call" or going with your "gut" isn?t good enough. Avoid the high costs of poor information: Poor quality Resistance to change Lack of commitment to strategic initiatives Turnover Lack of motivation Misdirected reward systems The book is packed...