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Goran Putnik

Virtual Enterprise Integration: Technological And Organizational Perspectives

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ISBN: 1591404061
Издательство: Idea Group Publishing
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionVirtual Enterprise Integration: Technological and Organizational Perspectives addresses the emergent research and development issues for the most-advanced enterprise organizational paradigm of today's world - the virtual enterprise paradigm. Virtual enterprise is characterized as a dynamic agile network of independent enterprises sharing all resources, including knowledge, market, and customers, in order to be permanently aligned with the highly demanding and global dynamic market. The issue of integration is the critical success factor in creation, reconfiguration and operation of a virtual enterprise as it is a network of partners that use heterogeneous resources that are supposed to work together effectively and efficiently. The problem of integration is multidimensional and one of the most difficult to resolve and manage. Virtual Enterprise Integration: Technological and Organizational Perspectives integrates the contributions by renowned international researchers...