Обложка книги Accountability



ISBN: 157675183X; 9781576751831;
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Accountability shows how to get people in organizations to be more personally accountable for high performance in their work and for the success of the organization ? without resorting to the traditional management systems that rely on control and manipulation. Contrasted with three other commonly used, accountability models, the authors recommend Personal Accountability over all others. The author show, that by gaining a higher sense of self-worth and autonomy, the quality of employee decision-making skills is greatly improved. They then outline the seven steps needed to attain Personal Accountability, including: surroundings, seeds of change, and style of leadership. Lebow and Spitzer offer a new contribution to the area of organizational development, social psychology and the topic called ?Accountability.? The authors bring a new emphasis, new approach and a new philosophy to "accountability": how to give it to others and how to keep it going indefinitely....

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