Обложка книги Beep! Beep! : Competing in the Age of the Road Runner

Beep! Beep! : Competing in the Age of the Road Runner


ISBN: 0446676543;
Издательство: Warner Business Books

"A must-read for any leader...loaded with practical and humorous insight...right on target." -Rob Robins, executive vice president, Visa USA If you're like most red-blooded business managers, you grew up watching a scruffy coyote futilely chasing a colorful bird. Now you're competing against companies started by twenty-two-year-olds who sleep under their desks. Be honest: In today's business world, who is chasing whom? In business today you are either a Wile E. Coyote or a Road Runner. If you're using old solutions to new problems and are pathologically in love with "Acme Products," you are a Wile E. Coyote. This book is designed to help you and the people who work with you become Road Runners-road warriors in a new era of supercharged, superchanging business competition. A brisk, informative, and highly entertaining read, BEEP! BEEP! gives you hard-hitting real-life lessons for the new millennium, including ways to: * make your own rules, set your own agenda, and speed up your...