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Duncan Robins

Business Euphoria: Powering Relational Organizations With Gangs, Gall and Gossip

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· OZON.ru 2381р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 1401095089
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
In the Networked Economy , organizational creativity and flexibility are imperative. Accelerating commercial and social changes coupled with the compounding demands of more powerful stakeholders will obsolete many traditional, rigid, hierarchical organizations. Networked groups of "small", entrepreneurial teams will be the dominant model of high-performance organizations. "Gangs, gall and gossip" will power these Relational teams, and destroy many others, based on how they address the fundamental social needs of people ( to belong, to have purpose, and to communicate ). By practicing Relational Management, as described in this book, organizations of all types will become "small", entrepreneurial, flexible and creative. They will tap their abundant social energy to build substantial economic and social value. And, they may even experience "Business Euphoria" .
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