Обложка книги Change Power: Capabilities That Drive Corporate Renewal

Change Power: Capabilities That Drive Corporate Renewal


ISBN: 187568073X;
Издательство: Business & Professional Publishing

To achieve sustained high performance, organizations need more than the operational capabilities we recognize as familiar and essential management skills and techniques. There are a few key capabilities vital to success in virtually all change situations, and these are different from those capabilities needed to achieve high performance in the here and now. These reshaping capabilities provide the basis for organizational renewal and yet they seem to elude a great many organizations. In an extensive study of 243 cases of organizational change in private and public sector organizations, the authors found that: there was at least one major setback in 67% of the change attempts surveyed 47% of the cases were hit by two major setbacks 29% experienced no less than three. Yet in 88% of cases, executives felt that the new directions they were pursuing were right, and 92% felt that the changes were not beyond their firms capacity to achieve. The reality proved different. ...

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