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Churchill on Leadership : Executive Success in the Face of Adversity

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ISBN: 0517223260
Издательство: Gramercy
Success often depends on the strength of a single quality: leadership. Winston Churchill is universally recognized as one of the 20th century's great political leaders and his words ring just as true in the world of commerce. A wise, witty, and inspiringleader, Churchill ran Great Britain like a great corporation. "Perhaps the finest book on practical leadership ever written." — Brian Tracy Churchill on Leadership demonstrates that the principles that guided Churchill ably translateto private industry today. Author Steven F. Hayward gives strong evidence that, if you remove Churchill from his political context, he would have the resume to be among the great business leaders of any age. Churchill: • was a financier (as chancellor of the Exechequer) and labor negotiator (as home secretary) • managed a large transportation network (as head of the British Navy) and far-flung property holdings (as colonial secretary) • persevered through...