Обложка книги Corporate Operational Analysis

Corporate Operational Analysis


ISBN: 0899305350;
Издательство: Quorum Books

When managers and analysts make key decisions about an organization, they need to analyze the entire breadth of basic management functions--planning, organizing, directing, and controlling--and relate them to all the important management areas, such as marketing, production, and finance. Jerry W. Anderson, Jr. and John B. Camealy provide a tested model that leads the user through a diagnostic review of the entire organization and results in action recommendations. This model is unique in its capacity to pinpoint problems easily overlooked in the typical operational analysis and in its consideration of new advances in logistics. It compensates for the tendency of managers to introduce functional bias, based on their own experience or individual priorities, into the evaluation process. In the manner of a preflight checklist, this procedure guides even the most experienced management team through the analytic steps necessary for making sound business decisions.