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James R. Fisher Jr.

Corporate Sin : Leaderless Leadership and Dissonant Workers

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ISBN: 1588206890
Издательство: Authorhouse
Corporate Sin deals with the mortal sin of anachronistic leadership and atavistic followership. Leaders don't lead. Followers don't follow. Because they don't know how in the present work climate. Consequently, it is a standoff with precious time, money, energy, and resources wasted at the expense of productive work. Leadership seems to be limited by a penchant for critical thinking, which is the prison of what is already known. Followers are frustrated with leadership at a time when leadership is required of them. Given this situation, leadership resorts to emergency measures or panic tactics, and calls them "strategies." Meanwhile, followers act as if the corporation owes them a living, behaving as if spoiled brats, waiting to be rescued. It isa case of the leadership unable to relinquish the role of surrogate parent to workers as dependent children. Fifty years of this counterdependency is a luxury no organization can any longer afford. Rather than deal with this...
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