Обложка книги Creativity Inc.: Building an Inventive Organization

Creativity Inc.: Building an Inventive Organization


ISBN: 1578512077; 9781578512072;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press

Fostering Companywide Creativity Innovations, by definition, change and improve the status quo. Mostly, they do so in small ways, such as a twist on an already existing idea. But when they do so in big ways?such as a new idea altogether?innovations can catapult the inventing company years ahead of competitors. Those kinds of innovations?from the wheel to the assembly line, from the pen to the PC?are born of creativity. And many companies are allowing this critical wellspring to run dry. In Creativity, Inc., Jeff Mauzy and Richard Harriman marshal forty years of research into how creative ideas happen and how they become innovations to reveal a set of fundamental principles for infusing creativity into every aspect of an organization. The authors argue that sustained leadership comes from making creativity a broad, enterprise-wide capability that is "on" all the time?to fuel day-to-day innovative responses, to imagine multiple future possibilities,...