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ISBN: 1591604400;
Издательство: Xulon Press

Proclivity is the propensity for action. Human proclivity defines the natural tendency or inclination that drives the human creature to act, both individually and collectively. This is a unique, down-to-earth and easily understandable approach to human behavior and relationships - all relationships, be they personal, professional, or otherwise social. Unlike other leadership, change and success models advocated by Dr. Stephen Covey, Rev. John Maxwell, Coach Rick Pitino and others; and while the work deals with the problems, inconsistencies, and contradictions of each; the theory of human proclivity offers an accurate depiction of reality. Substantively, the work advocates the idea of relational leadership. In doing so, human proclivity also makes a significant departure with popular leadership theories and the field of psychology concerning relationships, change and behavioral motivation. The book is not a special interest piece as it speaks to every common person out there who is...

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