Обложка книги Essential Director

Essential Director

ISBN: 1861975600;
Издательство: Profile Books

Everything you need to know about corporate governance and being a director?most accessibly presented and attractively packaged. Following the great shift in attitudes regarding the role of directors as a result of accusations of fat cattery andscandals involving firms like Enron, WorldCom and Andersen, to name but a few, the bulk of the book is a much expanded A-Z with several hundred entries that explain the essentials of corporate governance and the function and responsibilities of directors. Entries include: Audit Committee, Board structure, Corporate veil, Cross holding, Deep pocket syndrome, Directors' remuneration, Disclosure, Ethics, Fiduciary duty, Helicopter vision, Indemnity insurance, Inside information, Japanese corporate governance, Keiretsu, Litigation, Monitoring management, Non-executive director, Outside director, Poison pill, Policy making, Relationship investor, Remuneration committee, Shareholder value, Stakeholder theory, Stewardship theory, Tokenism,...

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