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Roger Scovil

Get Ahead: Scovil's 7 Rules for Success in Management

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ISBN: 1563526522
Издательство: Longstreet Press
In his new book Get Ahead: Scovil's 7 Rules for Success in Management, former corporate executive Roger Scovil gives readers the inside secrets to effective and enjoyable business management. Over the course of his 46 years of diversified executive experience, Scovil has identified and fine-tuned seven of the most important tips for managerial success. When properly adhered to, these disarmingly simple rules have the potential to improve your role as an able and respected manager. The rules are rudimentary, applicable to all types of business, and most importantly, they are rewarding. Using his own experiences as a case study, Scovil shows how his "simple seven" lead to success in hiring strategies, delegating authority, and mastering inter-office politics. In the same vein as the best-selling Who Moved My Cheese?, Scovil's words of wisdom are packaged in an easy-to-read, down-to-earth format. Perfect for managers on the go, Get Ahead delivers practical tips, insightful examples,...
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