Обложка книги Getting Connected Through Exceptional Leadership

Getting Connected Through Exceptional Leadership

ISBN: 0967851416;
Издательство: Kallisti Pub

Management does not equate leadership?-far from it! The difference is the organizational action that changes companies from struggling enterprises to dominant market leaders. In Karl Walinskas? first book, he will show you in simple, yet often irreverent and humourous, ways how to transcend ordinary, stale management practices and master the art of connecting with others through extraordinary and effective leadership skills. It is a common misconception that these skills are innate within the person. Mr. Walinskas, with years of training and coaching experience behind him, proves that these skills can be learned. The leadership skills can be learned to the point where a mere manager or business owner can become a veritable powerhouse that leads men in the business environment as a general leads his troops into victorious battle. In Mr. Walinskas? invaluable handbook, the future leader will learn: * The three primary rules of leadership communication. *...

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