Обложка книги Give-To-Get Leadership: The Secret of the Hidden Paycheck

Give-To-Get Leadership: The Secret of the Hidden Paycheck

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ISBN: 0971226008;
Издательство: Equity Press

Much of the old loyalty employees once had for their companies gone. Years of downsizing, mergers and other cost-cutting strategies have left employees feeling they are holding the short end of the stick in their relationships with their employers. Most companies have forgotten the most basic and fundamental rule in human relationships - "people give to get." If you manage or lead people - even if it's just one person - then you must realize that to get the performance and profit you want from your employees, you must be willing to give them what they really want. It's not just about money. According to Huseman and Hayes, there is also a Hidden Paycheck out there that people desperately want to get. And you, as their immediate leader, are theonly person who can pay it to them. Give-To-Get Leadership is the means for paying employees their Hidden Paycheck and capturing untold levels of performance and profit for you and your company. Using Give-To-Get Leadership, you...

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