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Erwin Rausch, John B. Washbush

High Quality Leadership: Practical Guidelines to Becoming a More Effective Manager

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ISBN: 0873893956
Издательство: ASQ Quality Press
Due to the almost constant state of change that organizations face today, effective leadership has become more important than ever. High Quality Leadership provides the timely, no-nonsense real world information you'll need to develop and enhance your skills as an effective manager, with real-world information that can be applied directly and immediately to real-life situations. Chapter 1 presents the framework of the authors' 3Cs of Management model--control, competence, and climate--which is the core message that spells out the characteristics and needs of an effective organization. Chapters 2 and 3 present the 3Cs guidelines in more detailed and comprehensive versions, and chapter 4 shows the complete 3Cs model on which the guidelines are based. Easily applilcable to both new and seasoned managers in andy industry, High Quality Leadership provides the guidelines you'll need to make better decisions not only in the office, but in all aspects of life.
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