Обложка книги Imagine the Power: Getting to Success Faster

Imagine the Power: Getting to Success Faster

ISBN: 1410771628;
Издательство: Authorhouse

14 Powerful Steps to Success in Business. Build stronger relationships through powerful communication. Manage your business and career with these power tools for success! Learn how to easily and effortlessly: 1) Build processes that everyoneagrees with first time! 2) Understand what communication styles will work best with the diverse people in your life! 3) Increase your performance and those of your colleagues and staff! 4) Have the "hard" conversations and come away with a stronger and more productive relationship. 5) Find the answers to all the problems your organization faces and be the person to help solve them without stress! 6) Gain buy-in and synergy with subtle, powerful communication strategies. Written bya master executive coach experienced in turning around even the most dysfunctional organizations.

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