Обложка книги Leadership for Competitive Advantage

Leadership for Competitive Advantage


ISBN: 0471979287; 9780471979289;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 244

Virtually every organisation today realises the need to change in order to succeed. Success can only come through good management which, itself, needs to be driven by leaders. This book illustrates how a leader can systematically create a business that is better at satisfying customers, is more effective at using its human resources and is more rewarding to its owners. The authors achieve this by: looking at how a leader can best understand and quantify the pressures on the organisation from customers, shareholders and existing employees explaining how the leader can set about formulating a vision and strategy for the business which will respond to these pressures providing a prescription for defining the array of management practices neededto foster the organisational culture that is best able to facilitate the strategy. This book provides the insights and practical tools for any leader to achieve competitive advantage in their organisation. "This book draws from...