Обложка книги Leveraging People and Profit, The Hard Work of Soft Management

Leveraging People and Profit, The Hard Work of Soft Management

ISBN: 0750699612; 9780750699617;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 224

The manager who can balance the people and profit factors has the best chance of succeeding in tomorrow's corporation. The "altrupreneur"_one who conducts the affairs of an enterprise with conspicuous regard for the welfare of others_builds communities that produce value for all the organization's stakeholders. This new breed of leader responds to the needs of the organization and the demands of people coming to the workplace and marketplace. Drawing examples from top and middle management, the authors describe the characteristics of altrupreneurs and the core principles by which they operate: their values and vision, optimism, integrity, confidence, and enthusiasm. Altrupreneurial organizations create innovation-friendly environments, where it isnot only safe to innovate, it is encouraged. This book shows what it means to challenge the routine, be other-centered, and build community. Bernard A. Nagle has over 22 years of executive operations experience in the...

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