Обложка книги Loss Prevention Guide for Retail Businesses

Loss Prevention Guide for Retail Businesses

ISBN: 0471076368; 9780471076360;
Издательство: Wiley

It's no secret that most small retail businesses don't have the budgets to take elaborate and expensive security measures against break-ins, robberies, shoplifting, employee theft, and civil unrest. Criminals know it as well as you do—and they knowhow to take advantage of weaknesses you may not even notice until it's too late. But there are many inexpensive steps you can take to tighten in-store security; reduce the risk of harm to yourself, your customers, and your employees; improve your store'sphysical security; detect fraud and theft, and generally make it tougher for criminals to take advantage of you. In this invaluable guide, retail security expert Rudolph Kimiecik examines a broad range of external and internal security problems andprescribes affordable, sustainable solutions that will make a real difference in the safety, security, and profitability of your business. From procedures for opening and closing your store, making bank deposits, and dealing with...

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