Обложка книги Lost in Cyberspace, Leader's Manual

Lost in Cyberspace, Leader's Manual


ISBN: 0787959847; 9780787959845;
Издательство: Pfeiffer

Get Lost in Cyberspace and discover if you are up to the mental challenge of forming a global virtual team that will gain the trust of a prospective client and ultimately win their business. Participants will collaborate to reach their goal and put to test the theory that in todays economy you must be able to work with anyone, anytime, from anyplace?via technology. Team members will learn about: ?Whiteboard? applications Instant messaging software Asynchronous communication . . . and much more! With this unique activity, participants will sharpen their skills as general problem solvers, team workers, and consensus decision makers and gain first-hand experience using the tools of todays global economy. This fast paced exercise will enhance the abilities of anyone who uses teams and technology to do their work!

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