Обложка книги Macrologistics Management:  A Catalyst for Organizational Change

Macrologistics Management: A Catalyst for Organizational Change


ISBN: 1884015395;
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press

Macrologistics Management defines the term "Macrologistics" as a means for designing a catalyst for change in any organization. The "macro" approach means seeing the big picture-to use time and place strategies for competitive advantage. It is a "breakthrough" strategy because it prioritizes "logistics" selection as a key factor in developing customer satisfaction and market penetration. Traditional management approaches the product and cost savings as key factors in their strategy. This book demonstrates how new approaches can be even more effective and more profitable-it will help you achieve complete transformation in your organization through a systematic process for managing change and by using carefully prioritized change management strategies. Theframework for change, as explained in this book, is one where continuous monitoring is facilitated by a relevant and responsive information system, workers and managers are empowered and rewarded for innovation, and leaders encourage a...

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