Обложка книги Preventing Corporate Embezzlement

Preventing Corporate Embezzlement

ISBN: 0750672544; 9780750672542;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 224

Internal loss is one of the most costly forms of loss. Embezzlement is one of the least detected and prosecuted forms of internal theft. Preventing Corporate Embezzlement is a professional reference that offers solutions. Managers, auditors and others charged with protecting assets must achieve a heightened awareness of embezzlement. They need to recognize and understand the opportunities, methods, and varieties of embezzlement, as well as establish internal controls that will prevent and detect embezzlement. Practical tool for detecting and combatting embezzlement: checklists, forms and evaluations Offers how-to advice on avoiding lawsuits by practicing preventive law Lists further resources, publications and directories on embezzlement, internal controls and security, risk management, insurance, auditors, and security services and equipment