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Marlene Caroselli

Quality Games for Trainers: 101 Playful Lessons in Quality and Continuous Improvement

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ISBN: 0-07011-502-8
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 304
100 Fast, enjoyable games bring TQM Concepts to Life! As downright effective as it is entertaining, Quality Games for Trainers , by Marlene Caroselli, packs 100 fast-paced, hands-on activities designed to drive home TQM principles in any organization. Each self-contained game and activity includes a fully scripted mini-lecture, ways to stir up interest and encourage trainee participation, reproductible handouts, and discussion questions. In all, 12 independent sections serve up entertaining options for teaching and reinforcing the essentials of: empowering workers; benchmarking; assuring continuous improvement; enhancing communication; satisfying customers; building teamwork and enriching team meetings; improving work processes; much more.
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