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Jim Tompkins

Revolution: Take Charge Strategies for Business Success

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ISBN: 0965865940
Издательство: Tompkins Press
Why do so many business leaders resort to trendy programs and pithy slogans when trying to improve performance? Why do some organizations experience constant peak performance and others travel from peak-to-valley-to-peak-to-valley? How can organizations remain competitive despite the speed of change occuring in today's business climate? How can every organization experience genuine, ongoing success? In Revolution: Take Charge Strategies for Business Success, leading business consultant, Jim Tompkins,addresses these crucial questions, offering business leaders proven strategies to harness the energy of change and attain Peak-to-Peak Performance. Showing the correlation between Reolution and change in the business environment, every chapter beginswith a Revolution principle followed by a thorough application of that principle to Organizational Revolution. With plenty of timely sidebars, dozens of real-life examples, and a call to action at the end of every chapter, this book...
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