Обложка книги Shrewd Business Tactics

Shrewd Business Tactics

ISBN: 0595227236;
Издательство: Writers Club Press

Shrewd Business Tactics by A.T. Atienza is a unique business book that deals on different Asian management styles,namely,Chinese,Japanese and Filipino. The author narrates anecdotes and topics pertaining to human resource, finance, marketing, and general management based upon the management styles of the three giant Asian companies he has worked with for 23 years. The book presents insights in management styles, some unorthodox, of 3 of the biggest companies involved in pharmaceutical, musical instruments and electronics, and food industries. This book is highly recommended for corporate managers and executives, business owners, business students and academicians. It discusses different topics in corporate management and the different business tactics employed by the founders of these big conglomerates. It discusses the blunders that these companies have committed so you can avoid them and the secret formula for success which you can use as a guide in managing your enterprise.