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D. H. Stamatis

Six Sigma Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to the System, Methods and Tools

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ISBN: 156327292X
Издательство: Productivity Press Inc
Although much has been written touting Six Sigma and its benefits, many are still confused about what exactly Six Sigma is and why it is extremely beneficial. Six Sigma Fundamentals cuts through the "fluff" of conventional Six Sigma jargon and provides the reader with a solid understanding of what defines a Six Sigma initiative and what is expected from the organization, management, and customer. Each chapter fully addresses the concepts of the Six Sigma philosophy and explains the methodologies forreal-world applications. Included with the text is a CD-ROM containing more than 75 ready-to-use Six Sigma forms. Six Sigma Fundamentals gives an overview to the entire process ? from understanding the significance of "customer requirements" all the way to "Designing for Six Sigma" and "implementation strategy." The model tools, methodology, and goals are explained thoroughly, so that this powerful system may be applied to organizations that are concerned with drastic positive...