Обложка книги Supervision as Proactive Leadership, Third Edition

Supervision as Proactive Leadership, Third Edition

ISBN: 1577661613;
Издательство: Waveland Press

Effective leadership skills are crucial for managing the varied agendas, profiles, and populations of today's schools. In the expanded third edition of this widely used text, Daresh maintains the original focus on leadership and how foundational theoriesand models can be applied to supervisory activities in schools. The section "Supervision as Social Action" includes discussions of critical theory, or critical pedagogy, and postmodern thought. In addition, Daresh reviews recent research concerning cognitive development theories of leadership--looking at how leaders think rather than at what leaders do. New material about the world of teachers, particularly the ways in which teachers view leadership practice, and curriculum development has been included.This outstanding text, with its well-organized, easy-to-comprehend approach, practical end-of-chapter activities, and thought-provoking case studies, guides readers in becoming educational leaders of the twenty-first century--in a...

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