Обложка книги Team Bush : Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House

Team Bush : Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House


ISBN: 0071416331;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES BEHIND ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY How the Commander-in-Chief commands George W. Bush has surprised even his harshest critics with his leadership talents and discipline. As this country's first MBA president, Bush formed his unique leadership style managing businesses, not government offices. Team Bush is the first book to explore these unique methods and tactics he has employed to become one of the nation's most popular commanders in chief in recent history. From "hiring" the most diverse and effective cabinets in history, to dealing with the crisis and war sparked by the events of September 11th, this compelling leadership book takes readers into the mind and methods of America's 43rd president, and shows managers how these methods can be used to boost productivity in their own organizations. This fast-paced book pulls no punches as it showcases President Bush's successes and strengths while...

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