Обложка книги Tempered Radicals: How Everyday Leaders Inspire Change at Work

Tempered Radicals: How Everyday Leaders Inspire Change at Work

ISBN: 1591393256;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press

"Very well researched, very readable. Anyone who feels they don't fit in or who manages those who don't fit in will want to take a look." -Inc. Magazine In this engaging book, Debra E. Meyerson reveals how adaptive, family-friendly,and socially responsible work places are built not by revolutionaries but by those she calls "tempered radicals," a group of people that balance company conformity with individual rebellion. While their differences often put them at odds with the "mainstream" organizational culture, Meyerson argues that these "everyday leaders" act as crucial sources of new ideas, alternative perspectives, and organizational learning and change. Drawing from fifteen years of research and the compelling stories of tempered radicals in a variety of organizations, Meyerson illustrates a spectrum of innovative ways that individuals use to "rock the boat" from inside the corporate ship-and steer a course for powerful, positive change.

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