Обложка книги The 5 Paths to Persuasion: The Art of Selling Your Message

The 5 Paths to Persuasion: The Art of Selling Your Message

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ISBN: 0-44653-239-8;
Издательство: Warner Business Books
Страниц: 256

Groundbreaking business research reveals it's not what you say but how you say it that is the key to getting important decision makers to say "yes." The truth is - it doesn't matter how smart or how slick a presentation is, if it isn't in sync with the decision maker's mindset, then it's bound to fail. That's the conclusion drawn by co-authors Miller and Williams, who completed an exhaustive study of more than 1,700 key business executives. Their research shows that decision makers can be placed into five distinct categories: Charismatics, Thinkers, Skeptics, Followers, and Controllers. Once the category the decision maker falls into is determined, then the presentation can be tailored to their precise mindset. In The 5 Paths to Persuasion , readers will receive a complete analysis on how to pinpoint each category, and then be shown how to develop a presentation perfectly. For anyone who has to get people to say "yes" in business, this seminal book is...

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