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Jeff O'Leary, Jeffrey O'Leary

The Centurion Principles: Battlefield Lessons for Frontline Leaders

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ISBN: 0785261966
Издательство: Nelson Books
The Centurion Principles approaches leadership in a fresh and compelling way for leaders at all levels of responsibility. Rather than long lists of principles and ideas with explanations, this book teaches leadership concepts through captivatingmodels, revealing the ?hows? and ?whys? of leaders making decisions during their most difficult hours. This approach of placing readers in the shoes of decision makers provides a realistic and gripping application of leadership principles. The book is designed to motivate a reader into becoming the kind of leader that will leave a stirring legacy?a Centurion Leader. New York Times bestselling author Colonel Jeff O?Leary (ret.) illuminates the defining moments of great leaders, including Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, and Abraham Lincoln.
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