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David, Ph.D. Logan, John King

The Coaching Revolution: How Visionary Managers Are Using Coaching to Empower People and Unlock Their Full Porential

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ISBN: 1593370784
Издательство: Adams Media Corporation
In the workplace, the best managers are incorporating the essence of coaching into their leadership style. The Coaching Revolution, now available in paperback, presents the best practices of today?s managers?strategies that can turn good companies into stronger and better ones. With experts David Logan, Ph.D., and John King?s specific coaching elements for managing employees, manager-coaches learn to transform their office environment into a more productive and effective one. For the best results, Logan and King advise managers to follow these three basic principles: ·SEE: Help employees get to the root cause of performance gaps and find ways to realize more of their potential. ·SAY: Outline a plan that clearly statesgoals for improvement and a strategy to achieve it. ·DO: Hold employees accountable to deliver what they "SAY" they will. Coaching has been around for a long, long time. Now managers can use The Coaching Revolution to...