Обложка книги The Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook

The Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook

ISBN: 0787957194; 9780787957193;
Издательство: Jossey-Bass

When the landmark book Collaborative Leadership was first published in 1994, it described the premise, principles, and leadership characteristics of successful collaboration. The book outlined an innovative way of building partnerships to solve the civic problems too big for anyone to solve alone as well as a new type of leadership that brings together diverse stakeholders to solve a community's problems. While that book provides a much-needed framework for working together, The Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook offers nonprofit practitioners, community leaders, and public officials a practical, hands-on resource. It presents the tools needed for applying the lessons learned, powerful approaches that get results, and guidance for solving complex community problems. In clear and concise terms, the Fieldbook Presents a wide range of tools and concepts that can be readily applied Provides a comprehensive guide to collaboration from conception to...

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