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Robert E. Staub II

The Heart of Leadership: 12 Practices of Courageous Leaders

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ISBN: 0971585008
Издательство: Staub Leadership Consultants
Just as exercise is necessary to strengthen the human heart, exercise and practice are essential to developing the heart of leadership. Robert Staub gets right to the heart of what leadership is and isn't in this provocative new book. He explains, "My father used to say, 'Son, any fool can rent the backs and minds of others, but it takes real leadership to earn their hearts and fully engage them.'" In The Heart of Leadership: 12 Practices of Courageous Leaders, Dusty Staub teaches us about the four chambers that make up the heart of every true leader: competency, intimacy, integrity, and passion. He encourages leaders to become more than just enthusiastic managers. And he reveals twelve practices of courageous and effective leaders, and provides specificexercises geared to strengthen the leadership heart of business men and women.
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