Обложка книги The Mantle: How to Dress for Success in Leadership

The Mantle: How to Dress for Success in Leadership

ISBN: 1882185420;
Издательство: Cornerstone Pub Inc

This book describes Christ's leadership qualities and behaviors. The attributes of the mantle, worn by God's prophets, help us visualize Christlike leadership. Leaders in the home, workplace, church, school, as well as Great Commission believers, need to use Christlike leadership to build-up their people for success and also to prepare them for Christ's return. The Mantle first describes how God makes leaders - how leaders learn to follow first. It then presents 3 1/2 qualities of leadership: The Servant-Leader; Heart-To-Heart; Wisdom From Above; and Pull Don't Push. These qualities are also found in the cross of Christ. There are 8 behaviors identified that apply to every area of leadership (i.e. as spouses, parents, grandparents, pastors, deacons, supervisors, foremen, teachers, principals, coaches, and Christian believers making disciples for Christ). These behaviors are: Open to the ideas of others; Building Loyalty; Building up our people's self esteem; Building unity and...

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