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Greg S. Reid

The Millionaire Mentor: A Simple Way to Get Ahead in Your Work and in Life

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ISBN: 0938716492
Издательство: Markowski International Publishers
The Millionaire Mentor is a little book with a BIG message, offering sage advice you can use to move ahead in your work and in life. It's a powerful parable with inspiring insights about believing in yourself, your objectives, and your dreams - and taking action to achieve them! Poignant and illuminating, it unlocks the secrets of winning in a simple, yet profound, story about an entrepreneur and his protege. The story begins when young Oscar meets Roy, a wealthy businessman, outside the Palace of Frozen Delights. Seeing Roy's Mercedes, Oscar says, "Wow! You must be rich. How did you get that way? Roy takes Oscar under his wing, and they start meeting monthly at the Palace. Oscar matures from a wide-eyed kid to a wealthy adult - fueled by Roy's invaluable words of wisdom. The story is uplifting yet pragmatic, philosophical but fun. It's an enjoyable, easy-to-read narrative, highlighted by a unique series of motivational success cards. Strong, yet warmhearted, Roy...
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