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Vicki Lenz

The Saturn Difference: Creating Customer Loyalty In Your Company

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ISBN: 0471314498, 9780471314493
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1999
Страниц: 274
Have you been Saturnized? Many people can make that claim thanks to the company's renowned style of conducting business, which keeps their customers enthusiastic and coming back to purchase again and again. In an industry where the average customer loyalty rate hovers around 44 percent, Saturn excels at close to 60 percent—a tremendous accomplishment for a company to achieve in only eight years. What really is the Saturn difference? Why do their customers find the experience of doing business with them to be truly special? And—most important of all—how can your business follow in Saturn's footsteps? Marketing expert Vicki Lenz answers these questions as she explores how Saturn built its exceptional customer service reputation, using Saturn's successful methods to demonstrate how any company can create positive relationships with customers and turn one-time buyers into repeat-purchasing, loyal clients. You'll hear from dozens of enthusiastic Saturn customers...